You got COVID symptoms, now what? A step by step guide on what to do (or when hospitalization not an immediate option)

It could have started with an itchy throat or a fever, or you could be asymptomatic but somehow lost your sense of smell and taste. You may have had exposure to someone who tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus, or you are clueless on how you possibly caught it.

After getting symptoms, you must consult a doctor online while going on self-isolation. As a responsible citizen, you must isolate yourself while thinking about what to do next.

1. Consult a doctor

Consult a doctor – Do teleconsult as exposing yourself to others could put more people at risk. Find a physician near you who can check your symptoms and give you professional advice. The doctor would probably request for laboratory procedures such as CBC, and RT-PCR test for COVID. The doctor will tell you what to monitor, like your oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood pressure. Find doctors on QURE.PH.

If you are severely sick, then going to the emergency room is the best move.

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2. Have laboratory tests even at home

Have laboratory tests even at home – If you have manageable symptoms, you may tap medical facilities in your area. It is important to check your lung status, or if you have too many white blood cells which may indicate infection, among others. The blood test will also help your doctor rule out if your fever is COVID-related or brought by other infection or other illnesses like dengue. Using QURE, which has geolocation services, you can check out laboratories in your area that offer home service. It’s convenient, safe, and fast.

3. Buy medicine

Buy medicine – Your doctor most likely prescribed medicine depending on your symptoms. From the basic paracetamol to antibiotics to immediately arrest the development of pneumonia, you can purchase this via QURE as well, with its pharmacy feature. Get the online prescription for your doctor and easily avail medicine that you need. You may also purchase medical tools to be needed at home like thermometer, oximeter, and blood pressure monitor.

4. For other health care services

For other health care services – On the ground, hospitals may remain full and getting a slot may take days. If you immediately need expert services, guided by a trusted physician, you may hire a nurse who can facilitate monitoring, IV insertion, implementing medication, among others. Find licensed health professionals on QURE too, your one-stop health service app.

Remember to always heed professional advice. Your doctor is your best health ally. Stay safe.

By Qure PH