A trip to the hospital may be cumbersome these days, as the COVID pandemic persists. Now that we are to embrace the new normal, here’s how we can navigate this public health crisis while keeping our health in check.

  1. Are your maintenance medicines up to date?

Are you taking the right dosage for your maintenance medicines? People with hypertension, high sugar, kidney or health problems, and other health issues who need maintenance medicine must regularly consult with their doctors. You can consult health practitioners online these days, even made easy by Qure. See a list of doctors in your area, or better yet, encourage your general practitioner or specialist to sign up on Qure! Accessibility and benefits await both doctors and patients.

  1. Do regular lab works at the comfort of your home

No need to troop to the hospital to check your CBC or creatinine levels. All you need is a lab request from your specialist (or consult one from Qure) and easily book an appointment from a reputable laboratory near you via Qure. No hassle of waiting in hospital alleys; get your bloodworks done at the comfort of your home. Wait for the results that will be sent via email, which can also be saved for filing on your Qure profile. Talk about convenience and instant file organization. This is perfect if you need to see the trend in your lab results.

And if anyone in the family needs to get tested for COVID, Qure can help you book a laboratory for COVID testing, too.

  1. Prevention is better than cure: Sign up and spot irresistible health and wellness deals

Gained unhealthy weight and lost physical activity during the lockdown? Let Qure help you on your road back to wellness. From yoga for mental and physical health, online workout classes to meet your cardio needs, to food planning with legitimate nutritionists– all these you can get from Qure.

  1. Need nursing care for a loved one?

While we can provide love and care for our loved ones in need, sometimes they need professional help. If you are in need of a night nurse or a day caregiver, you can also easily find one in Qure, an up-and-coming but certainly reputable one-stop shop for all your health needs. Find a list of health professionals, set a schedule for their visit, and experience top-notch service.

If you are ready for the new normal for your health needs, sign up on Qure now! Membership is free and doctors, laboratory, and other services fees are varied, depending on your needs and location.

By Qure PH