Having a pet to own and to love is not just a hobby. It is simply not having a “toy” or a “baby” to cuddle with or bathe and dress. While pets are wonderfully cute and amusing, raising them is a commitment. If you want to be a responsible pet owner, here are some things you must remember.


1. Pets need appropriate food

Like humans, pets need the basics: food and shelter. Pets have their own specific nutritional needs. Dogs, for example, have different formulas for puppies and adults. Puppies need more protein and fat to support their growing needs while senior dogs require less calories. Sometimes, there is a specific formulation for a specific breed as well. How would you know what’s good for your furbaby? Instead of experimenting, consult a veterinarian near you. Qure.ph has lots of veterinarians onboard. You can call one today.

And if all is well and you have been properly informed about the kind of nutrition your pet needs, you can also buy pet food supplies on Qure. Have the food delivered, hassle free.

2. Provide proper shelter

Pets also need protection from extreme temperatures. They cannot be exposed to harsh weather conditions. But what if you need to leave the town for either business or leisure? How do you leave your little furry friends behind? We hear you. In Qure.ph, you can tap boarding services from affiliates nearby.

3. Don’t forget pets’ vaccines and routine check-up

Visits to the veterinarian, at least once a year, is crucial for your pet’s health and wellness. This is even more important if your pet shows signs of discomfort, lethargy and change in usual behavior. Keep track of needed vaccines and standby medicine, with the help of a trusted veterinarian.

Clueless where to find one? At Qure.ph, you can choose among caring and credible veterinarians through a search dropdown menu on the app. Easily set an appointment for a general consultation or quick visit, or get referrals for laboratory, treatment, and traditional prescription. Each appointment setting can be calendared up to 6 months early and may be rescheduled up until three days prior to confirmed appointment with no charges.

Qure.ph can also help you book major services such as confinement and surgery or minor services such as blood tests, vaccination, deworming, or tick and flea removal.

4. Pets need maintenance services and relaxation too

While you can provide lots of playtime and exercise to your pets, you will need services for grooming. Grooming services can be booked through the Qure.ph as ala carte, basic or in package form. Well-trimmed fur and nails, clean ears, gums and teeth, and tick-free skin will ensure your pets’ overall well-being. Skip the waiting at grooming centers and get notified of your schedule with Qure’s push notifications, which alerts you at least a day in advance.

You can also purchase treats and toys, and other accessories to keep your pets happy. Shop on Qure and have it delivered to your home.

5. Deal with emergencies

Some pets have renal, gastrointestinal or urinary sensitivities that might need immediate attention. Some animals could manifest skin and hair allergies that could be life threatening. Stop waiting it out and don’t let your pet suffer in agony. Find a veterinarian fast with the Qure app.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Let’s all treat our pets with high regard because even pets deserve a Qure.

By Qure PH