Top reasons why you should give telemedicine or online consultation a try

More Filipinos have gone online to meet their health needs, as the coronavirus pandemic persisted. Afraid to contract COVID-19 during a hospital exposure, several Filipinos with minor health concerns used the internet to find answers–not on search engines but from real and trusted professionals.

Take the case of Cecille Adivoso, who found an ophthalmologist on the Qure,ph and found a cure for her irritable red eye. The doctor listened intently as she mentioned her symptoms, looked at her problem area during the video consultation, and promptly sent her a digitized prescription. Cecille skipped self-medication and found a proper cure.

And while physical consultations remain critical for other illnesses, online consultation offers a lot of benefits. These are:

1. Convenience

You can skip long lines and say goodbye waiting for hours at the hospital lobby or patient area. Doctors and patients need not adjust time due to external factors like traffic and hospital distance. Both parties just need a stable internet connection and a commitment for the consultation to happen.

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2. Immediate feedback

In cases of minor health emergencies, online platforms like can help you find a doctor immediately. No need to try calling a hospital operator, or wait for the doctor’s secretary to confirm a physician’s availability. The tele-consult is powered to help you search for a doctor, and give you options in case your chosen specialist is not immediately available.

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3. Helps you organize your schedule, prescription

For non-emergency cases, you can set a doctor’s appointment days or weeks ahead and be reminded a day before the consultation. The s like your virtual secretary, keeping track of your schedules, alerting you of cancellations from doctors or health care services.

With, going online helps save you time and money, and cuts your potential exposure to coronavirus disease or other viral infections. No more long forms to fill-up; you can do all these now with a few taps on your smartphone.

Prescriptions sent by online doctors are also easily accessible in your account, so it’s easy for you to organize and store copies in your mobile phone. No need to carry that prescription in your wallet or bag every time! You can also use these previous prescriptions in your follow-up consultations.

4. Safe and secure

Data from online consultations on legitimate platforms like are secured, in accordance with the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act. Doctors on board are also aware of the patient-doctor confidentiality clause.

5. See reviews about your specialist, help build a health community

Find authentic recommendations or reviews from the members of the app to help you decide which doctor or laboratory to book for your appointments. After your check-up, you may pay it forward by posting a review about the specialist. Post feedback on whether your health concern was addressed, or any other concerns you may have.

6. Telemedicine in the Philippines

During the Manila lockdown, the Department of Health (DOH) recognized the need to boost teleconsultation in the Philippines, as it sought improvements in access to health services. Online consultations helped unclog hospitals that were already full due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a joint memorandum with the National Privacy Commission, DOH in April 2020 allowed
“medical consultations over the phone, chat, short messaging service (SMS), and other audio and visual-conferencing platforms.” Healthcare providers have since been allowed to issue electronic case reports and prescriptions.

No need to download an app. is accessible anytime, anywhere, where your Android or Apple phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Reasonable rates on consultation apply, depending on doctor’s specialization.

By Qure PH